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Shipping Companies

Companies featured in Ships in Focus publications

This lists individual shipping companies which appear in our books and journals. All are very well illustrated and as factually accurate as we can make them. Entries for our journal 'Record' give the issue number followed by the number of the first page of the article.
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Commonwealth and Dominion Line Ltd.The Tyser Legacy
Compass Line The Tyser Legacy
Connell Brothers Ltd.Record 6:101
Cooper, William and PeterRecord 19:168
Corry and Co., J.P.The Tyser Legacy
Crescent ShippingCrescent Shipping
Crusader ShippingThe Tyser Legacy
Cunard BrocklebankCunard Line, a Fleet History
Cunard LineCunard Line, a Fleet History
Douglas Shipping Co. Ltd.Ninety Years of the Ramsey Steamship
Drum LineRecord 9:29
Dunlop and Sons, ThomasBritish Shipping Fleets 2
Edwards and Co., JohnMersey Rovers
Elder Dempster (Explorer class)Record 27:130
Ellerman Lines Ltd. ('Cathedral Cities' class)Record 45:2
Record 46:80
Ellerman Lines Ltd. (City of Birkenhead class)Record 27:176
Ellerman Lines Ltd. (City of Karachi class)Record 21:2
Record 27:176
Finland Line (Hull service) Record 28:212
Fisher and Sons, Joseph (Newry)British Shipping Fleets 1
Fisher, Joseph E (Liverpool)Mersey Rovers
Furness, Withy and Co. Ltd. (goalposters)Record 17:3
Furness, Withy and Co. Ltd. (North Pacific ships) Record 14:67
Record 15:130
Gem LineWilliam Robertson and the Gem Line
Gillison and ChadwickRecord 9:29
Glen Line Ltd.Glen and Shire Line
Glover BrothersBritish Shipping Fleets 2
Goubert, Derick Record 25:11
Grieve, ThomasMersey Rovers
Guinness and Co. Ltd., ArthurRecord 6: 67
Halal Shipping Co. Ltd.Record 46:122
Harrison, J. and C.J. and C. Harrison
Harrison, T. and J. Harrison Line
Holt, AlfredBlue Funnel Line
Holt, JohnRecord 10:67
Houlder Line (post-war Granges) Record 19:130
Record 20:195
Houston LineClan Line
Howdens Ltd., LarneBritish Shipping Fleets 2
Hughes and Co., RichardMersey Rovers
Hume, Smith and Co.Mersey Rovers
Jones, R. and D.Mersey Rovers
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