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Shipping Companies

Companies featured in Ships in Focus publications

This lists individual shipping companies which appear in our books and journals. All are very well illustrated and as factually accurate as we can make them. Entries for our journal 'Record' give the issue number followed by the number of the first page of the article.
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Kee, J.B.Ninety Years of the Ramsey Steamship
Lamport and Holt (D class)Record 28:194
Lamport and Holt (Vs) Record 15:144
Lapthorn and Co. Ltd., R.R. Lapthorn and Co. Ltd.
Leyland, R.W.Record 3:162
Record 4:214
Record 5:54
Lindsay Ltd., W.N.Record 41:39
Record 42:83
Record 43:147
Little Western Steamship Company Record 10:78
Record 11:146
Record 12:206
Liverpool and North Wales Steamship CompanyLiverpool and North Wales Steamship Company
Loch LineRecord 30:74
Record 32:204
London & Rochester Trading Co. Ltd.Crescent Shipping
London Scottish Lines Ltd. Record 27:142
Mack, J.J.Mersey Rovers
Manchester Liners Ltd.British Shipping Fleets 1
Manchester, Liverpool and North Wales Steamship Co. Ltd.Mersey Rovers
Martin's Coastal Steamships Ltd.Record 51: 147
Mersey Ports Stevedoring Co. Ltd.Mersey Rovers
Milburn and Co., WilliamThe Tyser Legacy
Montreal, Australia and New Zealand LineThe Tyser Legacy
Morris, John K.Mersey Rovers
Moss Hutchison LineRecord 39:130
Record 40:194
Moss Tankers (Cunard)Cunard: A Fleet History
Mountwood Shipping Co. Ltd.Mersey Rovers
Nicholl and Co., Edward British Shipping Fleets 1
Nicholson Ltd., EdwardMersey Rovers
Nigerian National Shipping LineRecord 41:20
Record 42:93
Record 44:219
Nile Steamship Co. Ltd.Record 20:208
North Pacific Coast LineRecord 22:66
Record 23:176
Northwich Carrying Co. Ltd.Mersey Rovers
Ocean Steamship Co. Ltd.Blue Funnel Line
Offshore Marine Ltd.Crescent Shipping
Orient LineOrient Line
Owen, Robert and Co.Mersey Rovers
Pacific Australia Direct LineThe Tyser Legacy
Palm Line Ltd.Record 35:130
Record 36:194
Record 38:122
Palmer, Frederick (Boston and Ringaskiddy)Record 6:86
Record 7:180
Record 10:101
Pendennis Steamship Co. Ltd.Record 27:164
PLM (colliers)Record 17:10
Record 18:66
P&O (cargo ships post-war)Record 46:67
POLSKAROB Record 13:37
Port Line (post-war)Record 13:26
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