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Shipping Companies

Companies featured in Ships in Focus publications

This lists individual shipping companies which appear in our books and journals. All are very well illustrated and as factually accurate as we can make them. Entries for our journal 'Record' give the issue number followed by the number of the first page of the article.
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Port Line Ltd.The Tyser Legacy
Prince Line (post-war)Record 41:3
Record 42:67
Record 43:130
Ramsey Steamship Co. Ltd.Ninety years of the Ramsey Steamship Co. Ltd.
Raynes, Kneeshaw and LuptonMersey Rovers
Read, RobertRecord 45:28
Readhead's Cliffe Steamship Co. Ltd. Record 19:149
Redcliffe Shipping Co. Ltd.Record 4:230
Rennie, John T. and SonsBritish Shipping Fleets 1
Robertson, WilliamWilliam Robertson and the Gem Line
Rowland, William and AlfredMersey Rovers
Royden and Co., T.B.The Tyser Legacy
Runciman (London) Ltd. British Shipping Fleets 1
Scottish Shire LineRecord 39:165
Record 40:238
Clan Line
Seddon, HenryMersey Rovers
Sharp, Thomas J.Mersey Rovers
Sheves, GordonRecord 53:19
Shire LineGlen and Shire Line
Skinner, Thomas (Castle Line) Record 24:250
Southdown Steamship Co. Ltd.Record 34:88
Springbok Shipping Co. Ltd.Record 4:195
Stott, Thomas B.Mersey Rovers
Summerfield Steamship Co. Ltd.Mersey Rovers
Thomas Brothers Shipping Co. Ltd.Mersey Rovers
Tower and Ensign Express Shipping Ltd. Record 7:218
Trader Navigation Co. Ltd.Record 9:3
Transatlantic Carriers Ltd.British Shipping Fleets 1
Turner, BrightmanRecord 22:84
Turner, Edward B.Mersey Rovers
Tyser and Co., G.D.The Tyser Legacy
Union-Castle Mail SS Co. Ltd.: reefers onlyRecord 51: 138;
Record 52: 210
United Alkali Co. Ltd.Mersey Rovers
United Baltic Corporation Ltd.British Shipping Fleets 1
Wharton (Shipping) Ltd., JRecord 35:152
Record 36:250
Record 37:15
Whitbury Shipping Co. Ltd. Record 13:14
Record 14:114
Yeoward LineRecord 3:131
Zillah Shipping and Carrying Co. Ltd.Mersey Rovers
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