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The Story of Shipbuilding in Finland

Author : Kalle Id and Bruce Peter

Publisher : Marston


If you travel by ferry or cruise ship, there is a good chance you will have travelled on a product of one of the Finnish shipyards. Whether it be Carnival, Costa, Royal Caribbean, P&O Ferries, Color, Silja, Viking, Tallink or NorthLink, all these companies and many more have had ships built at Finnish yards. The book ‘Innovation and Specialisation - The story of shipbuilding in Finland by Kalle Id and Bruce Peter, details the history of the shipbuilding industry in Finland, the innovations, the politics and of course the results. Lavishly illustrated, profusely referenced, this 330 page hardback takes readers through early days of the yards, through a period of huge reliance on soviet orders, through financial crises right up to the modern day. Throughout the book are many examples of the innovations which Finnish yards brought about and their original purposes. Given Finland’s location, it wont surprise that Icebreakers were a key output, but perhaps more interesting is the impact that propulsion and hull forms for ice breakers had elsewhere. Ship building and ship ordering is a highly political business and this book links the stories of orders and failed projects to political situations at the time. The book includes the ‘never were’ or ‘could have been’ projects. This includes brief mentions for instance of new ships for Saga Cruises, and Deilman, and a much bolder, more ambitious design for the ship which became Radisson Diamond. It is highly recommended for all those interested in ships built in Finland, how they came about and how they fit into a bigger picture.