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The hardback, annual edition of Ships in Focus ‘Record’will be out in November, enlarged to 144 pages for 2018. The usual mix of articles covers individual ships (designing the St Helena), ship types (classic reefers; Aberdeen’s line fishing boats; paddle steamers in north west England), tramp shipping from 1914 to 1939, ship owners (Euxine Shipping Company, Ard Coasters of Greenock, the Greek Margaronis family), Esso’s ‘Maracaibo’ tankers, the transition from sail to steam in the Belfast coal trade and an important but neglected shipbuilder (Williamsons of Cumberland). There is also an extended edition of the lively letters’ page ‘Putting the Record straight’. As always, ‘Record 2018’ is fully illustrated, indexed and aims at a high standard of accuracy, whilst offering a good read.