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Graig Shipping plc

Author : Dr David Jenkins

Publisher : SIF


Graig Shipping plc is a remarkable survivor, a Cardiff shipping company which has prospered for one hundred years in the highly competitive world of ramps and bulk carriers. With the full cooperation of the company, Welsh shipping historian Dr David Jenkins has traced the company’s history from its origin in 1919 to its current involvement with bulk carriers and Far East ship building. A significant part of the story involves the innovative and highly successful ‘Confidence’ class ships which Graig developed and operated as container feeders and project cargo carriers. All 35 ships owned by Graig or managed for the UK government are fully detailed and illustrated. There are also listings and sample photographs of the ‘Confidence’ class, and the many ships managed by associated Graig Ship Management and those supervised whilst building in the Far East. The book is a fitting celebration of the energy and determination which has marked Graig’s 100 years in shipping.