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Who We Are

Formed in 1993, Ships in Focus is a partnership between John Clarkson and Roy Fenton, also involving our wives, Marion and Heather.

John and Roy are enthusiasts, both preferring the ships that were built before the 1970s and with a decided bias towards cargo vessels: these preferences are reflected in our publications.

John has one of the largest private collections of images of ships, and this is a major resource for our books and journals. Roy has extensively researched and written on British coastal and other cargo ships.

Who does what

John sources photographs for our publications, lays them out and distributes the finished books, also stocking other publishers' works.

Marion is involved with selling the publications and keeping the accounts.

Roy is responsible for the editorial content of our books, does the necessary research and writing and handles correspondence. Heather helps with editorial work and indexing.

Editorial policy - books

Ships in Focus publish high-quality, well-illustrated books on various aspects of shipping history, but concentrating on the era from the latter part of the 19th century onwards when photography of ships became possible.

We are always willing to consider typescripts, but we strongly suggest that a prospective author contacts us early, and preferably during the planning stage.

Only in exceptional circumstances will we consider submissions which require substantial additional research or writing, or are not in an electronic format such as a Word document.

Editorial policy - 'Record'

Ships in Focus 'Record' is an illustrated journal of shipping history. Like our books, the period it covers is from the late 19th century onwards, and we strongly favour articles that are, or can be, illustrated with photographs.

Features can be as short as 500 words or as long as 10,000, the latter being split over several issues. As with our books, prospective authors are strongly encouraged to contact us early during the development of articles.

Letters about matters covered in any issue of 'Record' are welcomed. E-mails are welcome too, but please add a postal address.